Corporate Media - New Media, Film, Video, TV - Distinction of Masters

Standards and aims of the German- and English-speaking master competition for the European Masterclass Community EMC

A concept with a difference Corporate Media – New Media, Film, Video & TV – The European Masterclass Community EMC is a competition among masters of their trade which involves a close scrutiny of their products. It is an instrument of qualification and promotion which examines, evaluates, presents and discusses audiovisual and digital solutions, tools, systems and products.

Corporate Media helps both clients and buyers to plan and order purposefully as well as media producers and companies to position themselves on the market. Every new line of technical development is admitted. All the following can be registered for entry: (HD-)DVD and S-VHS for every kind of film, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Flashplayer, Server, PC memory for interactive programmes, internet/intranet solutions as well as picture phones, mobile content, audio- and videopodcast and business TV via cable or satellite nets for new media-solutions.

This German- an English speaking key event is a successful marketing and communication concept and generates a wide public impact. That is achieved by intensive press and PR work, by the annual conference – this year taking place on the site of HDG Haus der Geschichte, Bonn, the cooperation of prominent sponsors and advisors in politics and media business, and finally by the annual edition of the video "Master Reel" and the CDs "Master Package Best of New Media".

Categories with a difference Corporate Media is not restricted to one topical segment or one kind of medium only. Corporate Media admits programmes and concepts from all fields of marketing and training, e-business and public information as well as tools, systems and hardware for media presentation and production.
Geographical scope with a difference Corporate Media does not lay claim to any national or international standards. It admits all kinds of international media solutions for the German-speaking market and for the European market. However, evaluation criteria of the highest international order are employed. The concept can easily be transferred to other countries.
Awards with a difference Corporate Media does neither grant any prizes in the form of precious metals, special products or money, nor any first, second and/or third rankings or any fixed amounts of awards. Corporate Media acknowledges the achievement of proven qualitative levels with "Awards for High Standard", "Master Awards", "Masters of Excellence" and Awards for Best Achievements in various aspects. Concepts, tools, systems and hardware are categorized as innovation prizes. The juries are able to nominate special achievements. Since 1996, each year one person has been nominated by the organizers and honoured for their excellent achievement regarding market qualification. Since 1998, companies and clients have been awarded the "Master of Communication" for exceptional media and communication solutions. The Top Ten – The Master of Communications 1997 – 2006 are Allianz AG, Bayer AG, Bayerische HypoVereinsbank AG, DaimlerChrysler AG, Hilti AG, Otto Versand GmbH & Co., Robert Bosch GmbH, Siemens AG. Sony Deutschland GmbH, Swarowski AG.
An unusual idea Corporate Media cannot be compared to any conventional type of film, TV spot or multimedia festival. There is no mass evaluation or combined presentation and evaluation. Corporate Media examines, evaluates and certifies each product, each concept and every single contribution from all fields of visual, communication, multimedia, tools and media technology for production and presentation. This is done with respect to criteria such as communication and application efficiency, creative adaptation and manufacturing quality as well as economical and user-friendly applicability.
An evaluation system with a difference Corporate Media evaluates contributions not according to certain key terms – direction, script, camera, sound, originality, etc. -, the jury's taste, jury discussions, votings or other kinds of mass evaluation.

Corporate Media has always employed an objectivized, standardized numerical evaluation system in four variants with up to twelve examination strategies and up to 13 evaluation grades. The underlying concept has been originally developed by the organizers. Group votings after discussions are not permitted. Concepts, scripts or any other kind of materials or design, functionality and efficiency form part of the evaluation process. More elaborate contributions and concepts as well as tools, systems and hardware solutions have to be personally presented to the jury (concepts presented only up to a third of all contributions).

A jury with a difference Members of the Corporate Media jury have not been selected for their prominence, their relation to sponsors or industrial confederations or any kind of professional groups (clients, producers, media scientists).

Corporate Media works with three to four autonomous juries of five members each plus substitutes. Their know-how derives from the fields of servicing, ordering, media science, media consulting and media engineering. Each jury is headed by one jury speaker. Each juror has been working in a competent and responsible position for more than 10 years. Any kind of proportional composition by confederations and/or sponsors is not allowed for.

Transparency with a difference There are no prizes to be won at Corporate Media. The competition has no "winners" or anonymous "losers" who are not told why or why not they have been awarded a prize.

Corporate Media provides each contribution with a detailled and individually rendered jury result. All the products' strengths and weaknesses are listed. Only work which is better than average will be awarded according to the known standards. The kinds of awards or the amount of awards are not limited once the evaluation level, raised again in 1998, has been achieved.

More dialogue, less show More emphasis is laid on dialogue than show. That is why the public presentation of the contributions in cooperation with other media events is an ideal platform for business contacts and communication. Additionally, since 1999 we have been offering TRANSFER, an exhibition for communication, training and media managers as well as a conference programme with first-rate contributions about DVD trends, new handling and user experiences, and the media excursion "Tour de Bonn, Cologne or Munich", etc.

19th annual balance: More than 3,500 evaluated contributions from about 600 studios, companies and institutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other european countries. 10 videos "Master Reel" more than 300 original master-films "Best of...". 3 CD "Master Packages" with 35 films. 1 DVD "Master Reel der Excellencen" with 15 films and trailers and 3 MasterMonitoring CDs. About over 100 international and national system and hardware innovations. Co-organizers: 14 media confederations with a lot of members and media jobs.

Our Master's are member's and master's of the European Masterclass Community EMC.

Organizers: Medienreport Verlags-GmbH, EMC and Fördergemeinschaft Audiovisual Communication FAC, Hegnacher Strasse 30, D-71336 Waiblingen, phone 0049-7151-23331, fax 0049-7151-23338,,,